You Have Erased Your Father’s History – Peter Okoye To Seun Kuti

Peter ‘Mr P’ Okoye, the singer, has reacted to a video wherein Seun Kuti described Peter Obi as “an opportunist who cannot rescue Nigeria.”

In an interview with ‘TheMicOnPodcast’, Seun argued that no politician can save Nigeria except for Nigerians themselves.

The singer described the Labour Party’s presidential candidate as the internet’s favourite who he claimed might not rescue Nigeria from its current challenges even if he won the election.

He also referred to Obi as “an opportunist who started a movement” after losing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries.

“He hasn’t had the time because he started too late. You can’t be telling me that just because you lost PDP primaries 18 months before the election, you suddenly started a movement, and you have a plan for the country,” he said.

“No, that’s opportunism. And it’s not an opportunist that will deliver Nigeria—not jumping on Labour Party. The Labour Party has a socialist structure. Peter Obi is a capitalist. Where are they going?”

Apparently infuriated by his colleague’s viewpoint on Obi, Mr P took to social media to berate Kuti.

Dude just erased his father’s history! You said only the people of Nigeria can save Nigeria! Is PO and the rest of the candidates not the Nigerian people? Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! So disappointed,” he said.




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