Voluptuous and Curvy Singer, Lorraine Lionheart Performs At Felabration 2022 (Video)


Voluptuous singer-songwriter Lorraine Lionheart, is one of the UK’s leading African music artists with a great and deep personal ambition to conquer the Global world music scene, staying true to her music and its roots, and putting her country Botswana on the international music map.

She has always been a regular performer at almost 5 celebration events, and of course, you know, Felabration is our annual festival of music and arts commemorating the life and times of Nigeria’s foremost musical icon, the late great Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. As a music brand, it is revered and highly influential.

Lionheart’s unique uplifting blend of African rhythms and soul will wow your guests or compliment your event with just the right amount of subtle background music, to create an impressive ideal atmosphere,

However, she has that voluptuous, and seductive style of displaying her curvy body and big backside on stage that keeps fans drooling and starring for long that can make one forget about the song she is singing and focus on her entire big curvy backside

Also, Lorraine Lionheart gave an amazing Performance At Felabration 2022.


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