Video: Tiwa Savage Sextape With Boyfriend Finally Leaks Online (Watch Here)

According to media sources, a sextape featuring Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and an unidentified male has been released online.
Before now, Tiwa Savage admitted to the leak of her sextape in an interview with American OAP Angie Martinez of Power 105.1.
The sextape was unintentionally uploaded to Snapchat by the Nigerian musician’s lover, who removed it as soon as he realized his mistake, according to the singer. It was, however, too late. Someone is now attempting to extort her money.


Paying the person is something I despise doing. That’s what’s enraged me. If you want to get rid of something, get rid of it. I’m so irrational that I think I can light it on my own. You aren’t getting anything out of this. My date and I were sharing an intimate moment. Tiwa Savage revealed that the man she is seeing is not a celebrity; he is just a regular guy whose entire business is about to come out.
“He cares more about me since he knows I’ll be more negatively affected,” she says. Having to show it to my mother and son. I’ll bring it up with my son.
As far as I can tell, it’s when he’s about 15 and someone treats him badly at a playground and they bring up the tape. He needs to be braced up, and I’m the one doing it.
An app user claims that the video on Twitter is his sextape, which the media cannot independently verify as of the time of making this article, a week and few days after the singer raised the alarm about her sextape being leaked.
Meanwhile, media reports claim that a well-known anonymous blogger known only as ‘Gistlover’ leaked the entire Tiwa Savage sextape video. Now that many are bringing attention to the Story of Tiwa Savage sextape, many are urging the singer to be brave and unafraid.

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