Video: Remember These 8 Nollywood’s Former Fine Girls? See How They Look Now

The saying “Time waits for no man” is really a wise word. Watching the early 20s Nollywood actresses acting just seems like seeing them in a movie 2 days ago as the time is far gone waiting for no one.

Today, I’ll be sharing some throwback pictures of these beautiful Nollywood actresses which were considered as the Nollywood fine girls. Also, will be comparing their old pictures with their recent one’s as we see how they’ve aged gracefully.

Most of these Nollywood actresses are married and some quitted acting for their family. Before the likes of Destiny Etiko, Anita Joseph and Regina Daniels, these women were the ones who were keeping us entertained with their beautiful body and their banging shape.

So without wasting much of your time, let’s get into business as we reveal the 8 Nollywood heartthrobs of Nollywood and how they currently look like.


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