1.  AFFILIATE EARNINGS WITHDRAW: You can withdraw your Referral Bonus when you have minimum of two referral. i.e #2000

2.  ACTIVITIES EARNINGS WITHDRAW: You can withdraw your activities earnings when you have reached minimum threshold of #5000

Bank charge of #200 will be removed on each transaction.
Double submission of withdrawal form will disqualify you from payment.

Conditions For withdrawal For Members that do not have referrals

  • All members who wish to get paid without referral must have shared  at least 6 sponsored post on his/her FACEBOOK/TWITTER account in a week  with the provision of the links to either of the social media account  where the sponsored post was shared on withdrawal form.

  • At the time of withdrawal,must have at least #5000 LARS balance .

  • Must not have any record of spamming on our site .

  • Must have truly make reasonable comment on our posts (it will be  verified and any trashed comment which is either not up to 10 words or  copied comment or rubbish will disqualify you from payment).

  • All the above conditions will strictly be checked and verified.

NOTE: Referral is optional in Loadedpenvibes income program i.e you get paid without referral, though you will be awarded #1000 for referring…………..This is the Vision of  Loadedpenvibes.