Popular chef and world record breaker, Hilda Baci ,Defends Her Dress Sense, Hints On Next Steps

Hilda Baci, a well-known chef and world record holder, has urged Nigerians to look past her appearance and instead project her ingenuity and tenacity to put Nigeria on the map of the globe.

The widespread criticism of Baci’s dressing that surfaced after her rise to popularity for aiming to break the world record in cooking prompted her to say this.

Remember how the 27-year-old chef shot to fame after trying to break the record for longest continuous cooking session by 100 hours?

Following that, a number of her old photos showing off her curves started appearing online, a situation that has since sparked conflicting opinions about her personality qualities.

The Akwa Ibom-born chef defended her dress sense while speaking to the media in Lagos on Thursday, asserting that one may look seductive and still be a game changer.

I don’t have to dress like a nun to succeed in life, she declared. One can be brilliant, gorgeous, and intelligent while also being sexy. My appearance or how I choose to dress should not be used to judge my values or my endowment.

The young man said, “I’ve volunteered myself to say I slay and I have something up in the brain,” as he begged society to let young ladies be who they are without judgment.

Baci, who is still waiting for the Guinness Book of Records to formally confirm her record, expressed optimism about the confirmation, highlighting the fact that her record has already been confirmed and that she is merely anticipating her certificate.

“We followed all the instructions and never skipped a step. There was not a single area where we fell short, and this is pretty obvious and plain. The cook-a-thon is a serious endeavor, not something kids would do. We made good preparations, so I don’t anticipate being let down.

The world record breaker revealed her next course of action and expressed excitement about spreading Nigerian cuisine around the world, growing her restaurant, and expanding the narratives of Nigerian culinary realm.

She admitted, though, that she still felt nervous about taking her next step.

She declared, “I want to generate jobs and make a significant contribution to the economy by growing my business. In Nigeria, I predict that salaries for cooks would eventually be on par with those of oil industry workers.

I want to shift the narratives because I believe the culinary world is underrated. I want to collaborate with many different brands to increase value for their clients and help them become more sustainable.

She also gave thanks to her team and the Nigerian companies that supported her in making the endeavor a success and meaningful.

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