Nigerians Use Study To Gain UK Entry – Emdee Tiamiyu – (Video)

Emdee Tiamiyu, a Nigerian Youtuber who specializes in assisting Nigerians move to the UK, revealed that Nigerians moving to the UK use schooling as a ruse to enter the nation.
This was revealed by Tiamiyu in a BBC interview that went viral on Tuesday.

“So the student thing is not real,” he remarked. They don’t really need the degrees, anyway.

Many of these people’s priorities quickly changed because they needed the degree as a path to enter the nation.

The film gained notoriety after the UK passed a regulation forbidding Nigerian students and other international students from bringing family members as dependents unless under certain conditions.
As per the new regulation, when it comes into force by January 2024, the UK will remove the permission for international students to switch out of the student route and into work routes before their studies have been completed to prevent misuse of the visa system.


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