Bbnaija: Sheggz And Adekunle Fights | Bella And Diana Face -off

The moment Sheggz and Adekunle almost exchanged blows during the heated argument,

Sheggz and Adekunle engaged each other alongside Bella and Diana, it started when Adekunle made known to Sheggz that he wasn’t an intellectual, that was she Sheggz got angry.

The whole issue started when they were all talking about schools, and money when the topic of schools came up and Sheggs decided to not talk about money, but choose to talk to Bella about family, work, and football, and then Adekunle started firing back to him about the Schools he went to, and started calling out Sheggs and calling him not to be an intellectual and that caused the whole fight drama between both Adekule and Sheggz.

Perhaps from the beginning of the Show Adekunle may be like Bella, but Bella is closer to Sheggz but not him, maybe he is a bit jealous of Sheggz, Also Diana had to confront Bella, and asked her Why would her boyfriend Sheggz be talking to Adekunle Like that and that made Diana and Bella have a little face-off, Then Bella faced Rachel with some accusations over Food problem in the House as well

It was all a rumble with words between Level 1 Housemates and it all got settled later


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