If Ronaldo Wins Euro 2016, He’s Had A Better Career Than Messi | Goal.com Posted This 3 Days Ago


Goal.com post this on their Website “No More Arguments! If Ronaldo Wins Euro 2016, He’s Had A Better Career Than Messi” 3 days ago and now it has finally happened.
Read what they Posted below:-
Ronaldo has always said it’s a dream to win a title in the colours of his national team and, at 31, he is not going to get many better opportunities than now. That dream is becoming a reality but not simply because Ronaldo wishes it to be so. He is working hard for it. His terrific headed goal and assist against Wales were deserved, placing Portugal in their first final in 12 years.
The Portugal captain “Ronaldo” is on the brink of greatness and if he is victorious in Sunday’s final he will achieve something his main rival “Messi” never could – win with his country.
Lionel Messi might have more natural talent, more titles and more Liga goals but Cristiano Ronaldo has proven at this European Championship to have a quality lacking in the Argentine. Guts.
24hrs after they posted the article, Portugal won the Euro 2016 after beating France,
Now.. Here is the Big Question!
Is it Safe to Say “Ronaldo Had A Better Career Than Messi?” at the moment?

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